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What We Do

Toronto Ballroom Nights is organized and hosted by dance students with a love for ballroom. We are not part of any studio, business, or professional organization.  Our goal is to provide a meetup in downtown Toronto where people of all skill levels can share in the joy of ballroom dancing. 

We organize scheduled community events with this in mind. 


TBN provides a public space for people of all levels to meet and dance socially in downtown Toronto.  Our organizers arrange for the music and handle all of the details with the rental so that nobody else has to.  Just show up!

Our Community

Since our first event in January 2016 we have grown into a social community consisting of  dancers of all skill levels, from absolute beginners to gold level dancers.  While we focus primarily on social dancing, we have scheduled group lessons, professional choreography and sometimes even live performances at our events.

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